Great Friends and a Great Party

Being the very shy lady that I am, I was not sure that I was interested in going to the bachelorette party that I was invited to. I had just found a new job, and had been invited by one of my cubicle mates. I tried to beg off, but all the other women said that it was mandatory that I come. They were teasing, but they made me feel so welcome. One of the ladies said that she was going to try to find some sextoys as a joke to bring to the party. It took me aback a little bit, but at the same time, it made me realize that if she was planning on that, these must have been some really close friends who are not uptight and they are a lot of fun.

I chose an entirely different gift to take to the party. I was not comfortable with everyone just yet, but I did pick out something nice, though. Continue reading “Great Friends and a Great Party”

It is Really Nice to Be Able to Solve Things on Your Own

I had been eating well and treating my body right for the last couple of years, so I was not very happy when I found myself with a strange discharge one day on my underwear. I hoped that it was a fluke and would not happen again, but it did. Worried, I did what I could to learn online what the issue may be. Anyone could imagine my relief when I learned about Crystal X and that my issue is something that I could probably fix right up with that particular product.

I think women have become pretty good about sharing things that can help one another in recent years. I remember growing up where when a female had any sort of issues, they kept it to themselves. But women are busting out of their fears and talking and learning more things as a result from one another. So, it was a great relief to find the previously mentioned product and hear so many good things from other women about it.

While I had never heard of the product before, I had good faith that it would work because it came so highly reviewed online. I found out where to

Scientists Root Out the Bad Seeds of Liver Cancer

tjfjgtjtResearchers have found the “bad seeds” of liver cancer and believe they could one day reprogram them to remain responsive to cancer treatment, a new study has found.

The key to disrupting chemo-resistant stem cells that become liver tumors from multiplying is to target the stem cell marker NANOG, said Keigo Machida, senior author and associate professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.

NANOG is scarce in early-stage cancer but abounds in Stage III liver cancer. It promotes the cancer’s spread by rewiring metabolism in the mitochondria — a cell’s energy factory.

“We identified the Achilles heel in cancer therapy,” Machida said. “There are bad seeds in cancer. Even though we treat patients with chemotherapy, those bad seeds survive and force relapse. That’s why we would like to target the bad seeds in cancer to eradicate recurrence problems and metastasis, which is when the cancer spreads to other parts of the body.”

The study will be published in the Jan. 12 issue of the journal Cell Metabolism.

Eliminating resistance

The study included patient-derived stem cells and hundreds

Working with Stress and Anxiety

dvavavaAt the point when nervousness is creeping in you can end up stressing all the time with an unsavory expectation about numerous features of your life – finances, loved ones, wellbeing, and employment. You expect the most exceedingly terrible all the time and you might discover you experience difficulty thinking and centering.

You might even stress over the amount you stress.

There are anything but difficult to learn instruments and procedures you can use to back off your psyche, facilitate your nervousness, place things in context and offer you some assistance with feeling back in control.

In our work together we will:

  1. Distinguish the wellsprings of anxiety in your life
  2. Find approaches to lessen uneasiness that work with your way of life
  3. Make solid practices to ease stress and tension

In treatment we will investigate viable anxiety administration procedures that can help you in venturing once again into the life you seek. Together we can reduce the control uneasiness has on your every day experience permitting you to unwind, center, discharge strain, and even basically inhale once more.

When you feel uneasiness is assuming control over

Types Causes And Preventive Measures For Stroke

gndgnfdgStroke is a condition wherein the flow of blood to the brain is disrupted due to a blood clot or ruptured blood vessel or artery. A lack of oxygen or glucose in the blood causes brain damage or death of the brain cells. This leads to speechlessness or loss of memory or impairment of any part of the body.

Types and severity of stroke

There are two major types of strokes namely ischemic and hemorrhagic. The former is the more prevalent as it is observed in close to 75% of the stroke patients. This type of stroke happens when there is a blood clot or thrombus that disrupts the flow of blood to the brain. The clotting of blood in any part of the body causing free-floating of the blood is termed as embolus. This type of circulating blood clot if carried to the brain causes ischemic stroke. The hemorrhagic stroke generally occurs when the blood in any part of the brain fills the space between the brain and the skull. This condition may be caused when any of the blood vessel or artery in the brain ruptures

The Four Essential Cs in Food Hygiene: What You Need to Know

When it comes to food hygiene, you can’t be too careful. After all, it’s the safety of your customers (and the reputation of your restaurant or food business) that is at stake. When you are handling food – whether it’s simply serving food that is ready to eat or cooking and preparing meats, salads, and desserts – it’s of primary importance to practice good food hygiene, and this comes with remembering the four Cs.

What are the four Cs in food hygiene?

The four Cs when it comes to food hygiene are as follows: cross contamination, chilling, cooking, and cleaning. Here’s an overview of the four Cs and what you should always follow and keep in mind:

Cross contamination

Cross contamination can occur when bacteria is allowed to develop between different types of food, equipment, and work surfaces. Cross contamination often occurs when raw food, such as cheffish or chicken, touches or drips its juices onto food that is ready to eat, surfaces, or equipment.

In order to avoid cross contamination, you should clean and sanitise your work surfaces and equipment, including chopping boards. Do this before food

Some Food Items to Avoid In Order to Control Higher Cholesterol Right from the Beginning

Almost everyone is aware on this planet earth what to eat and what to avoid! Will fries and fried chicken increase my cholesterol level? Will saturated fats, trans fat, and higher calorie intake cause heart diseases? Well, you know the answer to these questions!

There are some food items you can avoid to curb the higher cholesterol:

  1. Egg Yolk, Red Meat and Dairy Products

When we talk about avoiding these products, we don’t mean to stop eating them. What we mean is to have a regular balance and overall moderation of the food that you intake. Egg yolk, red meat and dairy products should be limited in case you are suffering from higher cholesterol. Herbal Remedies for High Cholesterol will first speak of the quantity in which each food item is supposed to be taken. A well-balanced diet is obviously sought for!

  1. Junk food items such as fries or burgers

Eating junk once in a while is OK, but if you are a burger fan, you need to think twice before you take every single bite. Any cheese burger will fetch you around 85 milligrams of cholesterol and double cheese burger can go to 175 milligrams of cholesterol. You may want to start reducing

Platelet rich plasma injections may lead to improvements in tissue healing

“We studied patients 35 to 60 years old with rotator cuff tendinopathy due to normal aging. For the first time, we were able to not only find reported improvements in pain and mobility, but also in the tissue — the MRI before and after showed structural change and a decrease in the size of tears,” says Marni Wesner, sports medicine physician at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic and lead author of the study.

Platelet-rich plasma injection (PRP) is an emerging therapeutic procedure in medicine and rehabilitation for the treatment of both acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. It involves collecting blood from the patient’s arm, separating the platelets via centrifuge and injecting it back into the patient’s injured tissue area to augment (or facilitate) the body’s natural healing response.

Platelets are cells that clot blood and contain over 300 active growth factors. In tissues that are aging and do not repair and regenerate well, growth factors may help to improve healing by creating an environment to foster healing and regeneration of tissue.

Though this is a pilot study on a small number of patients, the outcomes are still clinically relevant and this is the first time researchers have described structural change in

Green tea and iron bad combination

Green tea is touted for its many health benefits as a powerful antioxidant, but experiments in a laboratory mouse model of inflammatory bowel disease suggest that consuming green tea along with dietary iron may actually lessen green tea’s benefits.

“If you drink green tea after an iron-rich meal, the main compound in the tea will bind to the iron,” said Matam Vijay-Kumar, assistant professor of nutritional sciences, Penn State. “When that occurs, the green tea loses its potential as an antioxidant. In order to get the benefits of green tea, it may be best to not consume it with iron-rich foods.” Iron-rich foods include red meat and dark leafy greens, such as kale and spinach. According to Vijay-Kumar, the same results also apply to iron supplements.

Vijay-Kumar and colleagues found that EGCG — the main compound in green tea — potently inhibits myeloperoxidase, a pro-inflammatory enzyme released by white blood cells during inflammation. Inactivation of myeloperoxidase by EGCG may be beneficial in mitigating IBD flare-ups. But when EGCG and iron are consumed simultaneously, iron-bound EGCG loses its ability to inhibit myeloperoxidase.

Adding to this complexity, they found that EGCG can also be inactivated by a host protein, which is highly abundant in inflammatory

Time to rethink your vegetable oil

Risk of heart disease and diabetes may be lowered by a diet higher in a lipid found in grapeseed and other oils, but not in olive oil, a new study suggests.

Researchers at The Ohio State University found that men and women with higher linoleic acid levels tended to have less heart-threatening fat nestled between their vital organs, more lean body mass and less inflammation.

And higher linoleic acid levels also meant lower likelihood of insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.

This finding could have obvious implications in preventing heart disease and diabetes, but also could be important for older adults because higher lean body mass can contribute to a longer life with more independence, said Ohio State’s Martha Belury, a professor of human nutrition who led the research.

But there’s a catch. Low-cost cooking oils rich in linoleic acid have been disappearing from grocery shelves, fueled by industry’s push for plants that have been modified to produce oils higher in oleic acid.

“Vegetable oils have changed. They’re no longer high in linoleic acid,” said Belury, an expert in dietary fats and part of Ohio State’s Food Innovation Center.

The research appears online in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research.

The research team also looked at

Potential antibody treatment for H7 avian flu

The antibodies against H7subtype viruses exhibit “remarkable neutralizing potency,” and thus may represent a new way to protect people who have been exposed to or infected by avian influenza, they reported today in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

The research was led by the paper’s senior author, James Crowe Jr., M.D., the Ann Scott Carrell Professor and director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center. Crowe and his colleagues have developed a method for rapidly producing large quantities of human monoclonal antibodies against specific viral targets.

Monoclonal antibodies are generated by clones of a type of white blood cell that have been fused to myeloma (cancer) cells to form fast-growing “hybridomas.” Once produced, these antibodies, like heat-seeking missiles, seek out and destroy their targets.

They’re not vaccines, which stimulate the body’s own immune defenses against a viral invader. Rather, the antibodies are potential treatments that, when injected, could provide short-term protection to people at risk of exposure. They also could be used as antiviral drugs to treat already infected patients.

Over the past couple of years, the Crowe lab has produced human monoclonal antibodies that can neutralize, or kill, a wide range of potentially lethal viruses, including chikungunya, dengue, Ebola, and its close cousin, Marburg.

In the

Researchers uncover risks of some herbal medicines for cancer patients

Nearly two-thirds of the herbal medicines used by cancer patients in the Middle East have potential health risks, according to a new survey led by Assistant Professor Eran Ben-Arye, of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

The study published in the journal Cancer concludes that herbal remedies such as turmeric may increase the toxic effects of certain chemotherapies, while gingko biloba and green teas could increase the risks of bleeding in some cancer patients. Other herbs including black cumin and turmeric can alter the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

The study focused on cancer patients in the Middle East. In all, 29 of the 44 most popular herbal medicines used in 16 Middle Eastern countries — from Turkey to Tunisia — could pose one or more health risks to cancer patients in the region.

“In the Middle East, herbs are commonly used as part of traditional medicine, based on the impressive affinity of the people here to the herbal heritage that continuously prospers from the time of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia,” Ben-Arye said.

The findings come from a survey conducted by Ben-Arye and colleagues, who asked more than 300 cancer care providers in the countries about the kinds of herbal medicines their patients were using. They found

What Can Cholesterol do to Your Feet

membrane’s structural integrity and fluidity. In short, it is essential to our lives.

Normally, we obtain cholesterol from two sources. The first source is our body, that is, our body produces cholesterol. The other source is the food we eat. We consume food with cholesterol to get the remaining amount. Usually, cholesterol produced by the body is just about enough.

But overconsumption of cholesterol has also been long associated with health issues. Overconsumption of cholesterol leads the excess amount to get stuck in the blood stream. This is often rendered a major cause for cardiovascular problems. But do you know our heart isn’t the only thing affected? Even your feet can be affected with high cholesterol levels? Excess cholesterol is a known cause of PAD (peripheral arterial disease).

Here are at least 10 signs indicating your cholesterol level may be the perpetrator of your foot issues.

  1. Claudication, pain or discomfort happening anywhere from hips to toes. People also report heavy legs. You can relieve it by resting buy it’ll just come back when you walk.
  2. Cramps and spasms in lower extremity including toes and heels while sleeping. Can be relieved by sitting straight so the blood reaches below.
  3. Changed skin and nail texture. People with high

Geopathic Stress Symptoms and Solutions

Experts have detected that Geopathic Stress is the common factor that is present in several serious as well as minor illnesses and psychological conditions, particularly all such conditions where there is severe compromise with the human immune system. The most critical risk factor is a high possibility of cancer. While cancer is not directly caused by Empathic Stress, it does weaken a human body and makes it more vulnerable for acquiring cancer. Not only this, links between Geopathic Stress lines and cardiovascular deficiency, chronic fatigue, immune deficiency disorders, and attention deficit disorder have been also observed.

The term ‘Geopathic’ originates from two Greek words. ‘Geo’ meaning the earth while ‘pathos’ means suffering or disease. So if you combine the meanings of both these words, it would literally mean ‘suffering of the Earth. The ‘Geopathtic Stress’ terminology is used for describing harmful radiations from earth that causes ill health and discomfort to all those living above. Geopathic stress zones or lines can emit EMF radiation from earth in a natural process due to several geological features such as fault lines, underground streams, underground cavities and mineral concentrations. Moreover, man-made changes of the landscape ranging from road construction projects to underground cables can

Nosebleed Causes And How to Care Overcome It

The nosebleed | Child Nosebleeds | Symptoms and occasional nosebleeds If your child is still considered reasonable. But if the child is too frequent nosebleeds, it should watch out, because it could be a symptom of certain diseases and dangerous.

Nosebleeds or in the medical world is also known as epitasis, the bleeding that occurs from the nose. Cases of bleeding often occur in children than in adults. This is because the blood vessels of the nasal cavity in children have not been so strong or is still thin and fragile. So easily broken due to different causes of climate change or pressure.

In people with allergies tend to have higher risk of bleeding. Because people with allergies are often accompanied by prolonged cold, so that the nasal mucus (secret) over time will push the blood vessels that are essentially already fragile, easily broken and cause bleeding in the nose.

Blood vessels are also easily broken by a change in the weather; the activity of playing in the sun, blowing your nose is too strong, trauma or shock, up the nose with a nail or other object.

Factor in the world causes of nosebleeds greater in children because of the fragility of blood vessels

Tips to Stop a Nose Bleed

Here are five quick tips on how to stop and prevent a nose bleed before it occurs.

Tip 1: Use moisturizer.

Prevent it before it happens. The main cause of a bloody nose is because of a dry environment. If you live in an area where it is typically dry and lacking humidity, then it is wise to apply lubricant to the inside of your nose to keep it from getting irritated. Often what happens is when our noses become dry, we have a tendency to pick the interior of the nostrils with our finger or rub the exterior of the nose because of the dryness. Try taking some Vaseline and apply it to the interior of both nostrils to alleviate the “caked dry” feeling you get with a dry nose.

Tip 2: Use a humidifier.

Again, prevention is always the best remedy. The most likely reason you have a nose bleed is because the air where you live isn’t at an appropriate humidity level for your airways. To increase moisture in your room or work environment, plug in a humidifier to disperse water vapour so the air is friendlier to your nostrils. Some humidifiers have various humidity settings, so make sure you adjust

Alcoholic Drinks Could Increase The Possibility Of You Getting A Stroke

For many people, having a bottle of wine or gin and tonic just after a tasty evening meal is a traditional plan to enjoy the night. However, routinely repeating this may lead to potentially life threatening conditions long-term. While it is true that 1 glass of red wine has been shown to bring down heart attack and stroke risk for many people, this research signifies that people should not be in a rush to start drinking.

The pathophysiology of stroke shows that a number of strokes, like hemorrhagic stroke, occur when a circulation system bursts, discharging blood flow and spreads out on nearby areas, resulting to stress on the brain tissues and other areas of the brain. There are two types of hemorrhagic strokes: first is a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is a stroke that occurs within the locations between the brain and nearby cells, and the intra cerebral hemorrhage, which is a stroke which happens if an artery inside the brain bursts.

Alcohol can precipitate vasoconstriction of cerebral arteries and split even tinier ones. Drinking alcohol may lower or raise the potential risk of stroke. If somebody drinks alcohol on a regular basis, there’s a higher chance of them having a stroke.


Warning Signs of a Stroke

A transient ischemic attack or may be TIA stroke (also identified tiny heart stroke – depending on the National Stroke Association) is known as a prevalent illness which often develops while in the seniors. But sufferers in addition to his or her member of the family normally spend an incredibly small interest and additionally simple to miss out on its danger signal. This can be a critical danger signal regarding an ischemic heart stroke that may come about quickly afterward. Sufferers will be able to get back wholly after only several minutes or maybe one hour. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that men and women could possibly relapse once or twice and cause the rally heart stroke with all the manifestation of coma together with hemiplegia for a long time, in some cases also death. Lots of analyses have indicated that 80pct of individuals with heart stroke brought on by atherosclerosis are affected in the future. This kind of sickness is certainly more prevalent around those that over the age of 50 and even occur in men and women.

1) The common signs of stroke in women

  • Your hands look and feel quite heavier or weaker.
  • Going down

What You Should Know About Heat Stroke And TIA Stroke

Heat stroke and TIA stroke are disorders that are highly preventable if you know how to take care of yourself. Prevention starts by learning about what diseases are such as their causes, signs and symptoms and the particular treatment methods. When you are aware of these information, then you will be able to avoid these disorders.

Heat stroke or also referred to as sun stroke is a medical condition that is life-threatening, brought about by increased body temperature that eventually causes damage to the different organs of the body. According to statistics, there are about 700 people who die yearly of heat stroke in the United States. Heat stroke happens when the temperature of the body goes beyond 40.5 degree Celsius and when the cooling system of the body stops working. This is a medical emergency that needs to be promptly treated since it can lead to death.

There are two ways in which heat stroke happens. The first one is when the cooling mechanisms of a person are impaired and the other is when a person does strenuous activities in a very hot environment. Those who are at risk of developing sun stroke are infants, athletes, the elderly and those who

Herbal Remedies To Ease Joint Pain And Arthritis Problem Naturally

Certain herbs and food sources are found to be very effective to reduce joint pain and inflammatory diseases. Lack of side effect is one among the main advantages of using herbal remedies for treatment. Let’s see here some of the effective remedial measures to ease joint pain and arthritis.

We will start our topic with turmeric, a key ingredient in Asian food recipes. This herbal ingredient is one among the best recommended cures for inflammatory diseases. Presence of curcumin is a main factor here. It fights against free radical mechanism and keeps joints in healthy state.

Ginger is another common cure suggested to cure inflammatory diseases. If possible, drink ginger tea twice or thrice per day. Ginger tea can be easily prepared from home. You can easily prepare ginger tea by adding ginger extracts, tea powder, honey, and lemon juice to boiled water. Today, you can also get ginger products in the form of tablets from market.

Do you like to include flaxseeds in diet? If yes, it is found to be very useful to improve the anti-inflammatory property of body. As per studies, flaxseed is found to be enriched with omega-3 fatty acids. It supports the health of joints and muscles naturally.